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This searchable database will help you find Japanese gardens, both large and small, all over the UK and Ireland. Some would not look out of place in Japan; and have, in fact, been designed and laid out by landscape artists from Japan. Others simply take their inspiration from Japanese themes and plants. Each can be enjoyed in its own special way.

Japanese gardens in the British Isles

Tatton Park, CheshireSome of the earliest Japanese gardens in Britain and Ireland — such as those at Tatton Park, Tully and Compton Acres — set out to reproduce exactly what could be found in Japan. In spite of good intentions, they didn't always succeed - often through an imperfect understanding of Japanese garden design. Even those that did, have often lost their authenticity through the western predilection for allowing trees and shrubs to revert to their natural shapes. What has emerged in many cases is a fascinating hybrid of British and Japanese styles.