Compton Acres

Canford Cliffs Road, Poole, Dorset BH13 7ES

Compton Acres The Japanese Garden at Compton Acres is one of a collection of "gardens of the world". It was originally designed and built in 1920 by Japanese architects and workmen. Such was the original owner's passion for authenticity, every last stone and ornament was brought from Japan. They include stone lanterns, a pagoda, and various carvings.

There are four Japanese-style buildings within the garden - a thatched temple, summer house, sewing bower and imperial tea house. Visitors can follow either of two routes - stepping stones across the water features, or the normal path. The stepping stones lead through a red Torii (shrine gate) with a giant serpent coiled around one of its columns.

Opening times: 9 am - 6 pm daily, March to October; 10 am - 4 pm November to February

Admission: Adults £6.95 Children (4-15) £3.95

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Telephone  01202 700 778