Japan Interface

This is the personal site of David Powers, former BBC journalist, and author of many books and video training courses on PHP and other aspects of web development. Why is it called Japan Interface?

Combining deep knowledge of the internet and Japan

Japan Interface reflects the two abiding interests of David Powers, who set up it up in 1999 as a translation and web design consultancy after a long and successful career in BBC radio and TV. For many years, the main part of our work involved delivering Japanese translation of political and economic analysis to clients of an international consultancy through a dedicated subscriber-only system.

The experience gained through building a searchable online database for that project led to the next phase of activity—writing books about web design and development, as well as training. After writing more than a dozen books about web development, the main focus is now on the creation of video tutorials for lynda.com and O'Reilly Media.

David Powers is also the translator of several musical plays by Keita Asari.

Searchable guide to Japanese gardens in the UK and Ireland

Stone lantern in Japanese garden at Tatton Park, Cheshire.Gardens large and small, formal and informal — the most complete online guide to Japanese-style gardens in the British Isles.

This was originally created for the Japan Society website as part of the year-long Japan 2001 cultural event. It hasn't been updated for several years, so some of the information is bound to be out of date. I hope to devote some time to improving it in the not too distant future.

Archived material

This site used to host book reviews related to web development, as well as some free extensions for Dreamweaver. They are now out of date, and no longer accessible.